Cloud based video monitoring platform.

Reducing more than 70% of false alarms.

How It Works


Alarms are sent from camera to Calipsa cloud servers.


Calipsa looks for human motion in the scene, forwarding valid alerts through for visual verification.


Monitoring station operators review alarms.

Improved operator efficiency.

Empower operators to make better decisions without the burden of excessive false alarms - providing a better end-to-end customer service & giving your business the tools to grow.

Reduce installation cost.

Using Calipsa as the sole detector means you can turn a basic IP camera into a smart one, in a matter of seconds - not to mention reduced site visits, cabling & hardware.

Leverages existing cameras.

Calipsa supports all major camera brands - meaning existing infrastructure can be re-used.

Online, elastic, and search.

Customers can upscale or downscale on demand - our cloud-based servers run around the clock, giving you the peace of mind that Calipsa is both flexible & reliable.

Product Features

Free health checks

Calipsa will alert you via the dashboard if a camera hasn't sent an alarm in over 24 hours.

Site scheduling

Add site-wide schedules for reduced bandwidth and more accurate reporting.

Camera management

Add masks to ignore certain areas of a camera view for further false alarm reductions.

PTZ & Video loss

Calipsa gives you the option to select if a camera is a PTZ, and enable video loss if you're interested in the camera moving.

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