Remote Video Monitoring platform

Improved operator efficiency and coverage

How it Works


Remote cameras send alarms to Calipsa


Calipsa uses Deep Learning algorithms to process the alarms and forward relevant ones to the monitoring station


Human operators review the alarms sent by Calipsa


Improved operator efficiency by reduced false alarms

Legacy analytics systems suffer from false alerts due to anything from lighting to insects. Calipsa reduces the false alarms by 50-90% thereby increasing operator productivity and efficiency, all the while saving cost. The increased capacity can be utilised to expand the customer base or provide additional services.

Reduced installation costs

Customers can connect to our cloud-based service in a matter of minutes and require no upfront investment on buying expensive software licenses or dedicated servers for video analysis on site - not to mention the cost of installation and labour.

Leverages existing cameras

Calipsa can be connected to most IP cameras - meaning that existing infrastructure can be re-used.

Online, elastic and secure

Customers can upscale and downscale on demand - giving them greater flexibility. Our cloud-based servers ensure that the service is always available and the data is secure.


Accurate and always improving

Calipsa is built on cutting edge Deep Learning algorithms - always improving and learning from the environment

Software only

No new hardware is required - customers simply configure their IP cameras and NVRs to forward alarms to Calipsa endpoints

Reporting and audit trail

Calipsa will store all alarms for a period of 30 days for free. Monitoring station managers can receive daily reports with customizable alerts - e.g. if a camera stops transmitting or is receiving too many alarms

Extensible storage

Customers can choose to store to retain historic alarms on our cloud based servers thus alleviating the need to purchase expensive local storage hardware

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