Calipsa Engine

Real-time alerts for active decision making


Bring the power of Deep Learning to any project

Integrators can turn any IP camera installation project into an active event detection and analysis platform using the Calipsa Engine without requiring subject matter expertise.

Developer centric

Engineers can leverage actionable alerts from the Calipsa engine to control event based workflows - whether it is to control a traffic camera or a baggage handling belt.

Platform agnostic

Our platform offers deployment flexibility to the customer - they can choose their hardware, whether it is an enterprise server or embedded on a camera


Accurate and always improving

Calipsa is built on cutting edge Deep Learning algorithms - always improving and learning from the environment

Granular object localisation and classification

Calipsa engine provides frame by frame object classifications and positions that can be used to conduct analysis and build other applications

Anomaly detections

Calipsa can detect anomalies based on movement and understanding of the scene to provide real-time events

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